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Our EMC Technical Services

The SGL's T/S is to assist companies in research and development into methodologies, processes, procedures, and standards within our field of expertise and provide a doorway into Asia for companies who wish to expand their business either through opening up a new market. We provide consulting, laboratory testing and design services to our clients as a consequence of our technical capabilities this in turn, aids our clients R&D activities and builds on their experience.

SGL will assist in designing and developing Specialized Test Methodologies and Special Test Devices where our clients have new and unique products which have yet to reach market.

  • For other needs please contact us for further information.
  • EMC Debug & consulting service.
  • Certification service & consulting.
  • Product EMI Investigation service.
  • Near Field noise investigation srvice.
  • *Wireless Throughput performance investigate testing and debug.

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